Things To Do In Brooklyn New York To Get To Know The Area

brooklyn bridge new york city

Which do you think has more people, Brooklyn or Manhattan? You might have realized you were being set up here and guessed Brooklyn. You would be correct, and with all of those millions of people combined with the millions of tourists annually make for quite the scene. After you find a Last Minute Moving company in Brooklyn, what is there to do? What is there not to do? Keep that in mind as you plan out just how many of these top Brooklyn NY attractions you’re going to visit as a new local.

You have got to know that the Brooklyn Bridge is going to be the top attraction. As you can also imagine, the Brooklyn Bridge comes with spectacular views. You might not even need to read the reviews to know that this landmark attraction can take you from one popular borough to the other. Do you feel like leaving Brooklyn for a minute to venture into Manhattan? Reviewers talk about walking the bridge, which for sure is an experience.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Heights Park

These are the next two top attractions or things to do in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Heights Promenade runs along Remsen Street to Orange Street, and this is where you get views of Manhattan according to reviews. It is also supposed to be a romantic spot, so keep that in mind if you are moving there with your partner.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is on Furman Street. This is yet another Brooklyn attraction that you can take in great views while you are enjoying the attraction itself. One reviewer talks about there being a lot of restaurants there, and the person specifically mentions pizza and ice cream. Have you had your slice of New York pizza yet? If not, then now would be a great time to do so.

Green Wood Cemetery

Next up is Green Wood Cemetery, which is located on 25th Street. You weren’t expecting that were you? This cemetery dates back to the Civil War, and there is a trolley tour there and everything. The people say that the grounds are beautiful and the cemetery itself is huge. It may not be the Brooklyn attraction you expected, but it certainly is a unique thing to do.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the next top attraction on the list. Have you noticed how the word Brooklyn is in the name of almost every attraction so far? The borough of Brooklyn has definitely branded itself. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is located on Washington Avenue, and there is so much to see there, including a rose garden. The Japanese Garden area is another favorite, and well, you are going to have to see for yourself.

Brooklyn Tabernacle

Brooklyn Tabernacle is located on Smith Street, and it is a place of worship. Reviewers talk about the choir being great, and they say it is best to go for Sunday service of course. Now let’s go to a little neighborhood within a neighborhood in Brooklyn, Dumbo. No, you’re not looking for the flying elephant with big ears. You are in search of a cool little nook of a place with all kinds of things to do. There are even cobblestone streets there. Does that sound like fun?

Prospect Park

You have certainly heard of this next one, Prospect Park. Prospect Park is on Flatbush Avenue, and reviewers talk about ice skating, a Farmer’s Market, botanical gardens and more. Now is a good time to stop by the Brooklyn Museum, too. Then there is Brooklyn Heights and Dyker Heights, along with Williamsburg and the New York Transit Museum. The New York Transit Museum is supposed to be really cool, even for the kids.

East River Ferry

Are you ready to go on a ferry ride? The East River Ferry awaits you, and it can even take you to some of the attractions mentioned. For example, you could hop on the ferry and go to Williamsburg or Dumbo. Now let’s take a look at the Brooklyn Brewery. Again, you have to have noticed just how much Brooklyn brands itself with its attractions. The Brooklyn Brewery is located on N 11th Street, and you are talking about unique brews and New York pizza. How many slices of NY style pizza do you think you will have eaten by the time you leave Brooklyn?

If you are moving to Brooklyn, then you are going to have all the time in the world to visit all of these places. One evening you could hang out on the cobblestone streets of Dumbo, and then another time you could make a day of it in Prospect Park. Another attraction you will want to visit is a historic neighborhood in Brooklyn called Park Slope. You might expect this to be a small neighborhood, but Park Slope is quite large.

Luna Park at Coney Island is a different type of attraction than the ones that have been mentioned so far. There is also the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Lafayette Avenue and Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach is on Brightwater Avenue, and it looks like a nice beach to have some fun. Make sure that you also pay attention to where restaurants are located in relation to attractions you are visiting so you can eat when and where you want. Book the best Brooklyn hotel for your stay, too, or enjoy your move to New York City. Brooklyn is a place that is going to take you quite awhile to explore, either many trips or a lifetime living there.